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Literacy Program

NCA Balanced Literacy Program

Literacy is a high priority of instruction at NCA. Literacy includes reading, writing, and communication skills and processes and it forms the foundation of all learning. At NCA, literacy expectations include making meaning, communicating, problem solving, and participating in decision-making through a biblical worldview that fosters the integration of faith and learning. We teach literacy with the following goals in mind:

  • To learn the knowledge of God and His truth, and to respond appropriately
  • To live in harmony with God, His truth, and His people
  • To acquire an appropriate wealth of knowledge
  • To learn who we are intended to become in the plan of God
  • To learn how to impact others with the knowledge of God and His truth “Gaining a Biblical Worldview Through Reading Instruction”, Clawson, E. Penny

Our literacy program is guided by what we want our students to know and be able to do (E/LA standards), balanced assessment, research about effective and best teaching practices, and our knowledge as experienced Christian educators. The following principles guide our literacy instruction:

  • Literacy is the way we learn, communicate, and construct ideas
  • Literacy is an active, thinking process and the learner brings background knowledge to the text to help construct meaning
  • Literacy is best developed in an environment that builds community and honors students’ learning needs and background experiences
  • Literacy acquisition is developmental
  • Access to books and time to read and write are fundamentals to literacy development
  • Literacy instruction is most effective when teachers provide explicit instruction and scaffolding of strategies and gradually release responsibility to the student to own the strategies
  • Literacy is best taught in an integrated approach


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