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Our school librarians manage a total of approximately 22,000 volumes in NCA’s library for both elementary and middle school. Our librarians collaborate with classroom teachers to extend literacy learning and the joy of reading.  During library time with our librarian, students cover many topics, including book care and library citizenship. They are introduced to various award winning authors and illustrators, learn about book layouts, fiction vs. non-fiction, the Dewey Decimal system, call numbers, and research skills.

We have been very blessed to have grown our library by nearly doubling our volume capacity since 2011, as well as teaching our students the many benefits and proper use of a library. Please read our Library Circulation Policy>>

Library Hours—Room C-125
  Hours:  8:10-3:45pm Mon.-Thurs. & 8:30am-3:45pm Fri.


NCA Library Book Donations

Leave a lasting legacy, and donate a book! It’s EASY!

  • Check out the NCA Library Amazon Wish List at (or if NCA is your charitable organization).
  • Select from a wide range of pre-approved books organized by grade level.
  • Have your book delivered directly to NCA (shipping address is included with the Wish List) or choose to deliver it yourself.
  • Don’t forget to complete your purchase through Amazon Smile ( and double your giving!
  • Notify the NCA Library if you would like your book adorned with a book plate – 

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