Northshore Christian Academy

Past NCA Walk-a-Thon Successes

Our Walk-a-Thon teams, which have included our students and the community at large, have funded very useful and important projects that have directly benefited NCA students over the previous years:

  • 2018   Safety, Security & STEM 
  • 2017:  Equipping the new Cascade Pavilion Building
  • 2016:  Safety, Security and Sports
  • 2015:  Reading, Writing and Recess
  • 2014:  THRIVE Program
  • 2013:  Improvements to our Outdoor Play & Social Spaces
                  AND Continuing our Classroom Technology projects
  • 2012:  Classroom Technology Integration Project
  • 2011:  Completion of Equipping our New Middle School
  • 2010:  Classroom Science Project
  • 2009:  Completion of the Classroom Technology Project
                 (Promethean Boards)
  • 2008:  Completion of the Covered Play Area
  • 2007:  Completion the Soccer Field, Performing Arts Center
                  and School Office
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