Northshore Christian Academy

School Structure

Elder Board

Northshore Christian Academy is a ministry of Northshore Christian Church (NCC). As such, the school is accountable to the leadership of the church, which is the Elder Board. The Elder Board consists of 5 to 10 nominated NCC Members, including the Senior Pastor. The Elder Board has delegated the school oversight and policy-making decisions to the School Board Committee.

School Board Committee

The purpose of the School Board Chair is to make broad-based school policy decisions regarding the school. The committee consists of 2 church elders, NCA parents who are also members of Northshore Christian Church, and other NCC participating members who have experience in education. The School Board Chair reports to the church Elder Board.

Academy Administration

The Academy Administration consists of the Superintendent, Director of Early Learning Center, and three Division Principals for K-2nd, 3rd-5th, and Middle School. The Academy administrators oversee the day-to-day operations of the school which include staff supervision, policy implementation, academics, spiritual oversight, program development, instructional supervision, and operational functions. The Superintendent reports to the NCC senior pastor and Chairman of the School Board. The Superintendent is a member of the School Board and the administrative team at NCC.

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