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NCA Elementary Principals Video Newsletters

Welcome to the Bi-Monthly Video Newsletter from NCA Elementary Principals

We love being the Leadership of the Elementary Grades of Northshore Christian Academy. We are lunching a new series of Video Newsletters , aimed at enhancing our communications with our Parents.

Our Prayer is they will help to keep us in closer communication about all that is going on at NCA.
Check the NCA - Need to Know weekly for updates                                                        

Mrs.Winningham introduces our NCA 2018 Summer Program, introducing all the summer fun we have in store!!

Mrs. Diane Winningham is Principal of K-2nd Grades and School Operations at the Academy.

Mrs. Winningham can be contacted at 425.322.2362 or dwinningham@northshorechristian.orgTo learn more about Mrs. Winningham, please see Division Principals. For an overview of our Kindergarten Program, go here...



3rd -5th Grades - It's already the end of the School Year!-  May 24, 2018
Mrs. Kreutner, extends a warm invitation to all to join the end of the year NCA events!

Mrs. Kristen Kreutner is Principal of 3rd-5th Grades, STEM Education, and NCA's Health and Safety Program.
Mrs. Kreutner can be contacted at 425.322.2398 or To learn more about Mrs. Kreutner, please see Division Principals.  

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