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Missions Outreach History

Our Missions Outreach History—Helping Others

Our NCA students make such a difference in the WORLD! Over the years, NCA students have been involved in several projects that have impacted many people in other countries.

Mission Emphasis 2017

Missions Outreach Month

This year we will sponsor events in conjunction with Northshore Christian Church’s Global Discipleship Missions emphasis month, bringing in speakers directly from the mission field in Africa and China.

Our Local Missions emphasis will encourage students to contribute school supplies for Casino Road Kids Ministries, and inspire our Middle School students to raise money to purchase an upright freezer for meals prepared by The Lord's Little Cooker, a feeding ministry for the homeless on the streets of Everett.

Below are details Missions Speakers at NCA in Feb.-March, 2017:
  • Rwanda Pastor, Christophe Mbonyingabo, and founder of Christian Action for Reconciliation and Social Assistance, spoke on reconciliation after the Genocide of 1994.
  • Mr. Jeff Culp, of Leadership International & former NCA Principal, spoke at our Middle School Chapel regarding his family’s work with schools in China.
  • Mr. Mark Mielbrecht with Global Service Associates, gave a report at the  3rd-5th grade Chapel regarding the goats donated to an African village by NCA 3rd-5th students in 2015.

Missions Emphasis 2016

NCA Middle School - Backyard Missions Day!
Wednesday, April 20, 2016   
CityServe Information
Northshore Christian Academy is excited to provide our students with a  Backyard Missions Experience called “CityServe”.

On Wednesday, April 20th, we will send our middle school students out into the community  on a variety of service projects, as a culmination of our month long missions focus.   Students will have an opportunity to meet real needs in our community, allowing them to put into  practice what they’ve learned, serving people in need in their own “backyard”.
We will be partnering with social service agencies who primarily work with the most vulnerable in our  society…serving the elderly, the disabled, the poor, the hungry, the sick...and more.
COST:  We are respectfully asking for $5.00 per student to help purchase supplies for many of the  projects that our students will be participating in.
BRING: A sack lunch and water bottle to take on your project
Here are a few agencies that 6th-8th grade students will be serving with:
  • Emergency Feeding Program of King County
  • Food Lifeline - Food Bank Wherehouse
  • Matthew's House
  • Marysville Food Bank
  • Operations Sack Lunch
  • Acres for Diamonds
  • Mary's Place Day Shelter
  • Cocoon House
  • Sky Valley Food Bank
  • and many more...
For more information on our  CityServe Day,  please contact:  
Mike Thornton, Middle School Principal at

NCA Missions 2015

NCA's 'CityServe' Backyard Missions Day was Wednesday, March 11, 2015—NCA Middle School Students went out in the community to make a difference in a variety of ways.

Chapels are focused on missions with guest speakers who share about their missions experience about how and why they went to serve the Lord locally, and around the world. Please join us at our Wednesday 2015 Missions Chapels in the NCA Auditorium throughout March 2015.

Outreach Opportunities  
This year our school is supporting the following projects:

  • Early Learning Center:  Donated new scarfs, hats and gloves for children and adults in Afghanistan in November, 2014.
  • Kindergarten-2nd Grades:  Partnering with the NCC ministry of the Lord’s Little Cooker, providing basic needs for the under resourced.
  • 3rd-5th Grades project:  Raising funds to donate Goats to families in Rwanda, Africa through one of Northshore's mission partners, Mark Mielbrecht and Global Service Associates.
  • Middle School: Working with Youth for Christ’s CityServe Ministry—6th-8th grade students will be serving a number of agencies including:
    • Acres of Diamonds
    • Bethany Nursing Home
    • Brookdale Living Alzheimer's Unit
    • Christa Ministries: Senior Living
    • Emergency Family Night Shelter
    • Everett Food Bank
    • Everett Gospel Mission: Women’s Housing
    • First Baptist Church
    • First Covenant Church of Everett
    • Food Lifeline-Food Bank Warehouse
    • Hope Link-Food Bank Warehouse
    • Housing Hope: Trail cleanup
    • Madison Elementary School
    • Mary’s Place Day Shelter for homeless women and children
    • and many more...

Missions - 2014

2014—Our Mission Theme:  Tell God's Story to Everyone! Our Missions Verse: "...Proclaim among the nations what He has done."
  • K-2nd grade students worked with a local volunteer group, The Lord’s Little Cooker, which provides hot breakfast, new & used clothing and toiletries to anyone in need. K-2nd grades supported them with much needed toiletries and other items.

  • 3rd-5th grade classes collected money to purchase goats for families in Kenya. In chapel they learned how much hope the gift of a goat gives to families in that country.

  • Middle School Volunteered for CityServe Ministries at the following locations:  Emergency Feeding Program of King County, Food Lifeline-Food Bank Warehouse, Hope Link-Food Bank Warehouse, Marysville Food Bank, Union Gospel Mission-Women and Children’s Shelter, Volunteer Chore Services-Yard work & Chores for Elderly/Disabled Adults, Mary’s Place Day Shelter for homeless women and children, Snohomish Food Bank, First Covenant Meal Ministry in Everett, Northwest Harvest, and more!

Missions 2011 to 2013

2013—Our Missions Theme: "Mission Possible: The World Needs to be Saved! Help Us Share His Incredible Love!"

Our Mission Verse: "Though it may seem incredible... I will save my people!" Zechariah 8:6-7 

  • ELC & 4th grade students collaborated to collect food, supplies and scripture story books for the homeless.
  • Kindergarten students helped the homeless through The Lord’s Little Cooker, providing new toiletries to those in need.
  • 1st grade students collected money and supplies for a pregnancy resource center.
  • 2nd grade students put together Kids Packs for Good News Clubs in Burma.
  • 3rd grade students collected food items and wrote/created letters of encouragement, drawings/scriptures which were assembled into care packages for a platoon of Marines serving in Yemen.
  • 5th Grade students created coloring pages with scripture verses and purchased crayons and small hygiene items for a medical mission team at a hospital in Africa.
  • Middle School students volunteered for CityServe Ministries doing 19 projects throughout the community in Backyard Missions throughout the local community.

2012Our Missions Theme:  “Until the Whole World Hears: The Whole Earth is our Backyard!” Our Mission Verse was: “So faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17.  We  focused our “backyard” missions emphasis by ministering to our neighbors through secular social service agencies and various Christian organizations between Marysville and Seattle as noted below:

  • ELC & 4th Grades—food donations for the Food Pantry at NCA/NCC including baby food/juices, pasta, rice, or beans. They created booklets for each food package sharing God’s love!

  • Kindergarten—made “Street Kits” for NCA/NCC’s own Big Al’s ministry on the streets of downtown Everett including socks, toiletries and handmade cards that they created for the homeless in our area.

  • 1st Grade—collected funds to purchase baby bottles for each student fill with loose change or earnings from doing chores at home which went to The Pregnancy Resource Center of Snohomish County.
  • 2nd Grade—each class adopted either a local Police station or Fire station, and communicated with and helped support these fine public servants.
  • 3rd Grade—provided blankets for foster children and the Children’s Country Home in Woodinville.
  • 5th Grade—our fifth grade students supported high-school-age Young Life leaders training to serve on their local campuses, thus making a connection between our students and Christian service in their future high schools!
  • 6th-8th Grades—through our partnership with Youth for Christ and their CityServe ministry, these students served 20 different organizations in the community including area food banks, helping at youth centers and much more.
  • Additionally, NCC’s Mission Group was blessed with a series of Personal Missions Posters, prepared by our students to hang on the church walls during the NCC’s weekend services.

2011—Our Missions Theme: To Our Backyards and Beyond (Click Here for an Overview). Our students supported four major charitable organizations in Snohomish and King Counties in the following ways:

  • PreK–2nd Grades ⇒ Prepared welcome packets for new families at Ronald McDonald House
  • 3rd–4th Grades ⇒ Made fleece blankets for Youth for Christ Foster Care
  • 5th Grade ⇒ Put together hygiene packets for Heroes for the Homeless
  • 6th–8th Grades ⇒ Served 16 human service agencies off-campus in Snohomish County and
    northern King County through Youth for Christ CityServe

Missions - 2004 to 2010

  • 2010Imagine 37,000 starving children lined up to receive something to eat and not one of them being turned away because the food ran out! Our 2010Mission project made NCA into a food packing factory for one day where our students prepared meal packets to feed this many hungry children in the Dominican Republic. Our Principal took a team there to deliver these meals and also educated families about bringing the Lord into their lives while they were there. Click to read more: NCA Missions 2010: Be Amazed!
  • 2009NCA raised funds, collected hygiene products, school supplies and used lap top computers to benefit street kids and students attending schools in Costa Rica and the Middle School student mission’s trip. The donated laptops were taken to Mexico where they were used to train adults in needed computer skills so they would be more skilled in the competitive job market. Bibles and supplies were purchased and presented to needy children at the Casino Road Ministries in Everett. Teachers also had the honor of presenting three nights of VBS programs.
  • 2008NCA raised funds to help build a Christian school and vocational training center at an orphanage in Juarez, Mexico. Teachers went to Juarez and held VBS programs and brought supplies for the children at the orphanage.    
  • 2007NCA purchased 1,000’s of Bibles for China. (Three to four people come to know Jesus just through receiving one Bible.) NCA teachers took almost 4 tons of Bibles into China.
  • 2006NCA purchased food for hungry children in Costa Rica. NCA Middle School students went to Costa Rica and served food to hungry children.
  • 2005NCA purchased and donated Spanish books to school in Costa Rica (previously they were using the local newspaper for reading books). NCA teachers went to Costa Rica to train teachers and give them the books we purchased.
  • 2004NCA purchased goats for Guatemalan people who needed them for fresh milk for their families, and as a means to create a livelihood as the goats reproduced.

Goats For Rwanda!

For Missions Month 2015, our 3rd-5th Grade Classes raised over $7,909.23 to purchase 175 Goats for families in Rwanda, Africa through one of Northshore's mission partners, Mark Mielbrecht and Global Service Associates

I have a reason to smile, this goat you see I am holding, brought me much joy. With this goat, I can see fertilizer for my small crop farming, I can see money and I can see a job for my kids to look after it instead of wasting their time wandering and doing unproductive things. We are truly loved and the only return we can make to our donors is also to love them and to make their donations more productive than they even expect.—Josiane Mukeshimana

Christmas 2014 - Missions Outreach

Today, let us remember the true meaning of Christmas... Peace on Earth, Good will toward Men, for the Savior has come to show us how to love, and to give us the greatest gift of love. (John 15:13) Instead of buying fancy toys, think of how you can give to those who would normally go without. Ask yourself how you can help out others who are not as fortunate as you. Show them the true meaning of Christmas, the gift of God's love (John 13:34), and love others as God first loved you. (1 John 4:19)
This Christmas Season, NCA's Middle School students are donating to provide for those in need:
  • 8th Grade—gift items to be given to middle school students served by Christian ministries (eg Youth for Christ) on Casino Road in Everett including:  gloves, hats, socks, candy, gift cards and school supplies, ear buds & grooming supplies
  • 7th grade—gift iems to  be donated to the Everett Gospel Mission, both the Men’s and Women’s/Children’s shelters including:  Diapers, Toothbrushes and Toothpaste.
  • 6th grade—gifts to  be donated to the Everett Gospel Mission, both the Men’s and Women’s/Children’s shelters including:  new socks for men, women, and children.
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