Northshore Christian Academy

Middle School Principal

Ms. Julie Schmitke who brings 18 years of Christian middle school leadership experience. She brings wisdom, understanding and love for this age while building success for high school and college.

Ms. Julie Schmitke
Middle School Principal


Principal's Assistant: Ms. Rachel Diede  - 

Mrs. Pam Jackson
K-8 Assistant Principal

3rd-5th Grades Principal / STEM Education

Mrs. Kristen Kreutner is Principal of 3rd-5th Grades, STEM Education. Mrs. Kreutner holds two degrees, in math and education, as well as a Master's Degree in Technology Education.

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Mrs. Kreutner can be contacted at 425.322.2398

Principal's Assistant (3rd-5th):
Trisha Galindo

K-2nd Grades Principal / School Operations

Mrs. Diane Winningham is Principal of K-2nd Grades and School Operations.

Mrs. Winningham joined NCA in 2013. She has a BA in Elementary Education and an MA in Elementary Education and School Administration. She has worked in Christian schools since 1989 in many capacities. From 2008 to 2013, Mrs. Winningham worked as an Elementary Principal at an International School in China. She has both taught and supervised elementary students during her career, and she truly loves her job!

For more information, go to:  Elementary School Program

Mrs. Winningham can be contacted at 425.322.2362 or

K-2nd Principal's Assistant:  Amy Kovach

Early Learning Center Director

Go to our Early Learning Center webpages to learn about:
ELC Administrative Assistant:  Melissa Mackin
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