Northshore Christian Academy

Vision and Mission Statements

Educational Philosophy:

Northshore Christian Academy filters all learning through a Biblical world-view that recognizes Christ as Creator and Lord. We endeavor to train students spiritually, academically, and personally. Northshore integrates faith and learning as we educate and equip the whole child to impact a changing world for the glory of God.

Educational Outcomes:

Our school’s purpose is to educate the whole child, not only serving their academic needs, but their spiritual and personal development as well. By the time our students leave NCA, they will have experienced growth in these three key areas.


  • Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to Christ through a personal relationship with Him
  • Develop a discipline of prayer and personal devotion, utilizing God’s Word and applying it to their daily life
  • Understand, memorize and apply Biblical principles
  • Recognize that there is only one true God and that Jesus Christ is His only Son.


  • Become life-long, confident and enthusiastic learner
  • Understand and utilize math, science, technology and engineering
  • Find, examine, evaluate and apply information as they become independent and confident learners
  • Develop and demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Develop strong independent study habits

Personal (Physical, Emotional and Social)

  • Assume personal responsibility for attitudes and actions
  • Develop skills for successful conflict resolution
  • Show integrity and respect for others
  • Develop an understanding and acceptance of physical, social and cultural differences
  • Practice responsible stewardship of God’s Creation
  • Understand that God has a purpose for their life
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