Northshore Christian Academy


Welcome to Northshore Christian Academy’s Kindergarten program!
In Kindergarten our teachers begin cultivating the love of learning to read by teaching an appreciation for literature through written and oral experiences. Reading is key in the success of every other subject area, and Kindergartners have plenty of opportunities to learn new subjects including subjects such as, Art, Computers, Library, Music and PE. NCA also offers a Kindergarten English Language Learners (ELL) program!
They will learn about God’s perfect order and patterns through the study of mathematics. They solve problems through the use of math concepts of addition, subtraction, money values (base ten), clock times, measurement and simple graphing. Art is used to teach appreciation for God’s beauty and design. The “Meet the Master’s” art curriculum introduces students to 7 famous artists and their techniques. Many other special projects, such as creating a Flat Stanley and sending him off on an adventure, make learning about other areas and cultures fun and interesting for Kindergarteners. Community Helper week is a highlight, where children can meet Firefighters, Police Officers, Dentists, Construction Workers. 

Principal, K-2nd Grades and School Operations
Mrs. Diane Winningham is Principal of K-2nd Grades and School Operations at NCA and took this position in 2013. She has a BA in Elementary Education and an Masters in Elementary Education and School Administration. She has worked in Christian schools since 1989 in many capacities. From 2008 to 2013, Mrs. Winningham worked as an Elementary Principal at an International School in China. She has both taught and supervised elementary students during her career, and she truly loves her job! 
Mrs. Amy Kovach is Administrative Assistant to Mrs. Winningham. 
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