Northshore Christian Academy

Elementary School Program

Serving Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Enter an elementary classroom at NCA and you’ll be greeted with a room full of smiling faces.

Laughter abounds as students work together. They’re having fun, and, at the same time, developing their social, intellectual, and emotional abilities in a loving and Christ-centered environment. It is not uncommon to find younger and older students working together as “reading buddies” or in “Chapel Squads”.

NCA now offers a Kindergarten English Language Learners (ELL) Program

Classroom Size
NCA is committed to a small school community structure. Therefore, we have fashioned K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th into small school learning communities with an exclusive principal. Each grade level team of teachers collaborates in Professional Learning Communities to lead student learning and assessment.

Maximum class sizes range between 22 - 25 students. Educational Assistants (EA’s) are assigned to the classes when class capacity is reached. NCA's average class this year is 21.7 in comparison to the national average of 25 per class.

NCA Elementary Program Leadership

Principal, K-2nd Grade

Mrs. Diane Winningham is Principal of K-2nd Grades and School Operations at the Academy.
Mrs. Winningham can be contacted at 425.322.2362 or

To learn more about Mrs. Winningham, please see Division Principals.
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Principal, 3rd-5th Grade

Mrs. Kristen Kreutner is Principal of 3rd-5th Grades, STEM Education, and NCA's Health and Safety Program.
Mrs. Kreutner can be contacted at 425.322.2398 or

To learn more about Mrs. Kreutner, please see Division Principals.
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