Northshore Christian Academy

Elementary School Program

Serving Kindergarten through 5th Grade

Enter an elementary classroom and you will be greeted with smiling faces eagerly engaged in learning.

Our classrooms provide a well-rounded program:  Educating the mind, reaching the heart, cultivating faith and preparing for a bright future. 

The dynamic academic program is matched with faith, character, and personal development opportunities throughout every grade.  At every level, academics are paired with inspiring enrichment classes such as engineering, music, art, foreign language, public speaking, physical education, and technology training.

Differentiation such as advancement or additional support are woven throughout each grade. Additional afterschool opportunities are offered to support student learning.

Yearly standardized testing shows each grade level averages 1-2 grade levels ahead of national norms.


·         Mission minded- community outreach and service projects

·         Daily Bible and weekly chapel

·         Prayer and biblical integration throughout the day


·         Reading and math programs- designed so each student can meet their potential through advancement and support opportunities.

·         Weekly engineering lab time- developing a growth mindset, innovative skills and working in collaborative teams.

·         Foreign language- weekly 1st-5th grade Spanish classes. Afterschool opportunities offered in Mandarin, French and Spanish.



·         Guidance lessons- school counselors teach monthly interpersonal skills including friendship, conflict, safety, growth mindset and confidence building.

·         Safety and security- student safety is a high value at school. Safety measures are best practices for the school environment and student well-being.

·         Caring, Christian School Community-  we partner with parents in creating a positive, loving environment for our students. Parent volunteer programs contribute to this positive environment for our children.

·         NCA has a commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment that allows each student to be challenged to reach their maximum God-given potential. 


NCA Elementary Program Leadership

Principal, K-2nd Grade

Mrs. Diane Winningham is Principal of K-2nd Grades and School Operations at the Academy.
Mrs. Winningham can be contacted at 425.322.2362 or

Principal, 3rd-5th Grade

Mrs. Kristen Kreutner is Principal of 3rd-5th Grades and STEM Education.
Mrs. Kreutner can be contacted at 425.322.2398 or

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