Northshore Christian Academy

History of NCA's Auction

In 2003, a group of parents sponsored Northshore’s first ever auction. The goal was to supplement the general operating fund and to raise money to finish the gym floor. That night was a huge success and the annual benefit auction and dinner has become part of who we are.

The purpose of the event has remained the same since its inception, as an opportunity to help supplement the NCA General Fund and PTF as well as raise dollars for a specific need/project for the school.

Over the past years the auction has made an impact and has provided for many special projects, upgrades and improvements in our facilities and classrooms. Here is a rundown of the many projects our Auction has supported or helped:
2003 - Gym Floor
2004 -
Library and 2nd Computer Lab
2005 - Playground and Sports Court
2006 - Performing Arts Center
2007 -
Covered Play Area
2008 -
Promethean Boards
2009 -
Classroom Science and Technology Project
2010 -
New Middle School Pavilion
2011 -
Library Expansion & 4-8th Grade History Curriculum
2012 -
Classroom Technology Integration - Phase II
2013 - Project Lead the Way
2014 -
Thrive Program
2015 - STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
2016 - Equipping the NEW Cascade Pavilion

NCA's PTF 2016 Auction

Thank you for supporting the 2016 auction! The event was a wonderful success with many families supporting with time, talent and contributions! Saturday night was a beautiful, fun-filled event with outcomes that will benefit our children for many years!

Your generosity helped us raise over $160,000 (before expenses) and $44,000 will go directly into equipping our new building!  Thank You! You each play a part and make a difference in our school and the lives of our students and staff.

Our PTF Auction is only one of two fundraisers for our school. We do not sell wrapping paper, chocolate bars, magazines or cookie dough! Auction funds are used for three main purposes, to:
  1. Keep our tuition affordable
  2. Purchase classroom furnishings/supplies
  3. Fund a special project every year. This year’s “special project”/ Fund-a-Need is equipping our new building. We raised $44,000 toward our $195,000 goal. See links below for more details.
Thank you to a fantastic Auction Team this year!
Super fun-filled night!
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