Northshore Christian Academy


This year’s Auction Fund-A–Need:

Goal:  $40,000

This year’s auction funding focus goes towards updating critical classroom technology:
our aging classroom interactive whiteboards and projectors
  • 10 years ago, NCA Auction donations went towards the purchase of our current classroom interactive whiteboards.
  • They had an expected lifespan of 5 years but teachers have used them for a total of 10 years!
  • What great stewardship those donations!

Current Issues:

Imagine the issues you would have using a 10-year-old cell phone?

Here are a few of the interactive whiteboard & projector issues the NCA teachers are currently challenged with …

  • Light projection is very dim
  • Touch screens are slow in responding and unreliable 
  • Parts are difficult to find, obsolete or very expensive

Classroom Value & Use:

  • The interactive whiteboard is an integrated instructional tool used by all NCA teachers in daily lesson planning providing them the ability to vastly improve teaching, learning and student engagement.
  • This technology allows for dynamic forms of multi-media to enhance lessons, for hands-on, interactive and collaborative learning and for instant classroom access to quality on-line resources.
  • Intentional use of classroom technology equips our students for success now and in the future.
  • “I know that for a fact that interactive lessons increase student engagement.” My students are excited about learning and much more motivated using the interactive whiteboard. Maximum engagement is something that all of us teachers ultimately strive for in our classrooms." Mrs. Ott 3rd Grade NCA Teacher
  • “The interactive whiteboard is an amazing educational tool that levels the playing field for learning styles and learning disabilities.” Mrs. Spiker 5th Grade NCA Teacher
  •  “I love to use the interactive whiteboard to promote student leadership, have students participate in the instructional process and for demonstrating their understanding of a particular subject.For example, I will ask students to come to the board and solve equations during math using the digital pen, correct grammar sentence structure at the board or to give student led digital presentations.” Mrs. Doney 5th Grade NCA Teacher

How you can help:

  • We have researched the best and most cost effective option for our classrooms in keeping with our philosophy of being good stewards.  Our findings have determined a price point of approximately $4500 per classroom unit.
  • We hope to raise $40,000 from the Auction Fund-a-Need to begin replacing our 40 classrooms interactive whiteboards and projectors with new interactive smart boards.
To move forward with this exciting upgrade in the way NCA students learn, we need your help. 
Please join us as we fund this critical need . . . 
Thank you for supporting NCA Students!
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