Northshore Christian Academy

Dessert Dash!


The dessert dash involves each table combining their bids to claim one of the delicious desserts available at this year's event. The table with the largest bid gets first chance at dashing to the dessert table and picking the dessert of their choice! To get your chance at the most delectable, scrumptious dessert, simply complete the dessert dash card on your table! Be careful though... you’ll need bid high to be the first table called and be fast to get your favorite dessert because the next winning table number will be called quickly... thus, the DASH part of the Dessert Dash!


Dessert Dash Rules

  1. Each table will have a “Dessert Dash Bidders Card”
    • Each person at the table can decide how much they want to contribute
    • On the bidder’s card, enter your bidder number and your bid amount. If you would rather pay cash you can enter “Cash” in the bidder spot and the amount; place your cash payment in the envelope. If you place your bidder number on the card, your dessert dash bid will be added to your receipt at the end of the night.
    • Once every one has put their bid on the card or the cash amount has been put in the envelope, total the amount and add it in the total box. There will be a runner coming around to each table to collect the cards before dinner is over.
  2. Pick one person from your group to be the “Dessert Dasher”
  3. The dessert dash will begin right before the live auction. The auctioneer will announce the table with the highest bid amount to start and then call the next highest in approx 5 seconds until all the tables that placed bids have been called.
    • The Dessert Dasher must be in a sitting position at your table when the table number is announced
    • Once your table number is announced, your Dessert Dasher will run (the more animated, the better time the rest of us have watching!) to the dessert table and pick the dessert of their choice... hopefully your bid was high enough to get the dessert of your choice!
    • Carefully bring the dessert back to the table... and yes, you have to share!
HAVE FUN!! Bid High if you want the first pick of one of these delicious desserts...
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