Northshore Christian Academy

7th Grade Core Subject Teachers

Mr. Andrew Huskamp (Bible/English) earned his degree in Educational Ministry from Seattle Pacific University. He has a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and Poetics from the University of Washington-Bothell. After finishing this degree, he taught English composition courses for Trinity Lutheran College and Northwest University. Mr. Huskamp and his wife Michelle served youth from their community and church as he worked with Youth for Christ in the Lake Hills neighborhood of Bellevue, WA. Mr. Huskamp enjoys reading intriguing and thought-provoking literature with his 7th-grade students at school and his three children at home. Mr. Huskamp has been at NCA since 2017.


Mr. Marc Marion (Bible/Math) earned his BA in Education from Western Washington University. He did post-graduate work at the University of Washington and then graduated, in Pastoral Studies, from Beran School of the Bible, a division of Global University in Springfield, Missouri. Mr. Marion has a passion for math, sports, and his grandchildren. Prior to joining NCA in 2000, he had 25 years of combined teaching, administrative and pastoral experience including one church plant.

Mr. Thomas Murray (Bible/Science) was formerly the Science Department Chair at King's High School for 10 years. He has taught science, math, and computers at Cedar Park/Bothell and other Christian schools for over 30 years. Prior to his teaching profession, he was a commercial boat builder. He was also an Eagle Scout in High School and he received National Merit Letter of Commendation. Mr. Murray joined NCA in 2013. He wants his students to learn that good science and Christian faith and belief in creation are mutually compatible.

Mrs. Charity Maas (Bible/English/History) received her Kindergarten teaching endorsement at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana. She has been teaching the Middle School Yearbook Class at NCA since 2013. Mrs. Maas enjoys photography, cooking, baking, crafting, and serving along side her husband in middle school ministry at Canyon Hills Community Church where Pastor Matt is the Middle School Pastor.

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