Northshore Christian Academy

6th Grade Core Subject Teachers

Mrs. Karen Jones (Bible/Science) earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington. She has mostly taught at Christian Schools and came to NCA in 2006. She enjoys teaching 6th grade because of the independent thinking that occurs during the adolescent years. Mrs. Jones is focusing on developing assignments that encourage the use of technology in achieving learning outcomes.

 Mrs. Amanda Tormon (Bible/Math) earned her Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education from Whitworth University and her Master’s of Education from the University of Washington. She has endorsements in Elementary Education, Mathematics, and Reading. Her favorite subjects to teach are Math and Bible. Mrs. Tormon has taught 3rd, 6th grade. Mrs. Tormon is ACSI certified and taught for 5 years at another Christian school in the area before coming to NCA in 2011.
Mrs. Kaylene Williams (Bible/English) earned her Master’s in Family Science at Central Washington University. Kaylene taught Family and Child development at Central Washington University. Kaylene loves musical theater performing, writing, and graphic design. She is also an NCA alumni!
Ms. Annarose Nester (Bible/Social Studies) – earned her Master’s in Teaching at Northwest University.  She loves teaching Middle Schoolers, who she regards as actively growing, full of laughter, energy and excitement.  Recently returning to the U.S from teaching Middle School social studies in China, she enjoys spending time with friends, traveling and painting.
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